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As an industrial property manager or a business owner, you seek solutions that enhance your productivity and functionality. Waste management is a crucial part of running an industrial or commercial facility. Optimizing your waste management can save you money while boosting your efficiency. Typically, commercial properties such as warehouses or restaurants require more powerful waste solutions such as vertical compactors. AAA Waste Compactor & Baler Rentals, we meet your requirements by offering wet trash compactors, stationary compactors and vertical compactors in Toronto, GTA, and surrounding areas. 

A vertical compactor uses hydraulics to compress all sorts of materials, ranging from metal to glass. They reduce the amount of waste produced and make its disposal more convenient. These machines can be expensive to acquire, which is why we offer convenient short-term and long-term rental programs. All of our compactors are maintained by us, which means you'll always find them in good working condition. 


At AAA Waste Compactor & Baler Rentals, we offer three types of waste compactors that can help you save some space effectively. We also bring you custom-made waste compactors to manage large quantities of waste.

  • Wet trash compactor
    Wet waste compactors are ideal when there isn't a huge quantity of waste, and space is also limited. Managing large amounts of domestic and commercial waste from restaurants, food plazas, and other businesses? We can provide you with efficient and high-performance compactor units.

  • Stationary compactor
    The heavy-duty stationary compactors are manufactured from premium quality structural steel. The compactors consist of hydraulic components with a robust framework for rough applications. Our compactors come with weatherproof control panels. The moving parts come with grease fittings for reliable and maintenance-free performance. Available in a range of sizes, stationary compactors are powerful machines that can compress dry waste such as boxes, plastic bottles and aluminum items.

  • Vertical waste compactor
    Vertical waste compactors are suitable for low or medium waste output. They are ideal for businesses that do not have enough space and do not have a roll-off collection service. Vertical compactors can considerably reduce the cost of waste collection. They can also prevent the spread of insects, bugs, and rodents. Our vertical compactor is designed to take care of dry or wet waste. It is also perfect for commercial plazas, food joints, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and more.


Vertical waste compactors can help a wide range of establishments:

  • Commercial plazas
    Commercial plazas have a number of small and big commercial units like shops, kiosks etc. A vertical waste compactor can help take care of the waste generated efficiently and hygienically.

  • Food joints
    It is essential to ensure systematic and hygienic disposal of food waste, including food bits, boxes, cardboard cartons, plastic glasses, etc.

  • Hospitals and nursing homes
    Hospitals and other medical establishments generate vast quantities of medical waste. It is important to dispose of medical waste safely.


Renting a compactor offers several advantages for businesses seeking efficient waste management solutions. Firstly, it provides a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a compactor outright, saving upfront capital investment. Renting also eliminates the need for long-term maintenance and repair costs, as the rental provider typically handles these responsibilities. Additionally, compactor rentals offer flexibility, allowing businesses to adjust their equipment based on changing needs or fluctuations in waste volumes. Renting a compactor enables enterprises to optimize space utilization by reducing the footprint required for waste storage. Moreover, renting provides access to the latest compactor models, ensuring businesses benefit from advanced features and improved efficiency. With these advantages, compactor rentals offer businesses a practical and economical approach to streamlining waste management processes. In summary, the following are some of the advantages of renting compactors:

  • Cost-effective - they significantly reduce the cost of waste collection

  • Prevent the growth of insects and rodents

  • Help control foul odours on your premises

  • Prevent unauthorized disposal of trash

  • Cut down on labour costs

  • Help keep the surroundings clean

If you need to rent a vertical compactor in Toronto, reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to help.

We also provide mobile welding and balers rental services; contact us for more information.


At our company, we're always welcoming new clients. We would love to partner with you to help you manage your waste. Please contact us if you require a vertical compactor in Toronto. Besides this, you can view our blog for more information. 

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AAA Waste Compactor & Baler Rentals is a premier supplier of vertical waste compactors.

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