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AAA Waste Compactor & Baler Rentals offers hassle-free equipment and compactor rental services in Ontario, Toronto, GTA and surrounding areas. We rent, sell, and maintain a wide variety of equipment, including compactors, balers, waste containers and bins.


We firmly believe that acquiring the required waste management equipment should not burden your finances. Our company is committed to offering cost-effective packages tailored to your budget and specific needs. Our rental program provides flexible terms, ranging from monthly to 5-year agreements, ensuring you can obtain the necessary compaction equipment with minimal upfront costs. Call for a rental estimate.


Once you buy or hire equipment from us, we are committed to helping you maintain it for a long time. We offer all-inclusive support during the rental period, except for physical damage done by others.


Once you have rented your equipment, benefit from our comprehensive maintenance services to ensure it functions efficiently. Contact us to speak to our rental team.

Rental Program


AAA Waste Compactor & Baler Rentals has customer-friendly and hassle-free rental programs.


Experience the cost-saving and efficiency-boosting benefits of AAA Waste Compactor & Baler Rentals' compactor rental program. By compacting your waste, you not only save money but also reduce pick-up time. With compaction efficiency averaging approximately six-to-one (depending on the material), you can optimize your waste handling and hauling services.

Renting a compactor resolves common waste management issues, including odours, unsightly mess, and unauthorized use of your bins by outsiders. Moreover, it frees up valuable capital that can be allocated to other critical areas of your business. Trust us to provide the compactor solution that streamlines your waste management processes, saves money, and increases overall efficiency. Let us design and implement a waste management system specific to your needs.

Here are some of the problems with waste containers:

Spilled and leaking garbage creates an unsightly mess that negatively reflects on your company’s image

Too much haulage can increase the cost

Outsiders can dump their trash into your container; this adds to your haulage expense

More labour is required to clean up mess

Odours permeate from the open containers
More floor, aisle, and dock space must be used to accommodate trash that is full
The weight associated with rain and snow can increase dumping charges


We understand that as an industrial or commercial property manager, your focus is on meeting your objectives while minimizing costs. Dealing with the waste generated by your industrial plant or commercial space can be expensive. Not only that, but waste management equipment, such as a compactor can be hard to acquire and maintain. For this reason, it is more reasonable to rent a compactor to meet your needs. Doing so offers many benefits, such as:

  • Economical: Renting a compactor, as opposed to buying one, requires very little investment. You will be able to carry out your waste management and keep your property clean without having to write a big cheque. 

  • No repairs: Compactor rental companies like ours take care of the repair if the machine breaks down. You won't have to allot any excess money towards the repair of your compactor.

  • Latest features: With compactor rental, you have the choice of selecting machinery with the latest features. Buying a machine, on the other hand, means that you'll be stuck with a machine that keeps becoming even more anachronistic with time, as new models come up in the market. 

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of our compactor rentals in Toronto? Please reach out to us, and we will get back to you shortly. 

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